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Architectural and Engineering Plans

From Beginning to End, Always Perfect!
The Infrastructure

Highly Experienced Architects & Engineers

The first step in building a high-quality structure of any kind is capturing the initial creative ideas and turning them into a fully detailed, professionally designed and carefully engineered plan. This is the process in which GTZ Construction takes pride. By providing clear, experienced guidance and a team of top professionals focused on your project, GTZ provides not only an excellent result but a great development experience, too. Step-by-step, the wheel turns from idea, to design, to construction, to occupation. Success!


Professional Partnerships

GTZ partners with experienced professionals to ensure the highest quality design and production of all architectural media. We manage licensed architects, engineers, interior designers and high-quality drafters to draw the floor plans, elevations, and perspective renderings required for presentations and permits.


Floor Plans

GTZ works with you and our team of professionals to take your specific requirements from rough ideas to formal drawings. Creating ideal floors plan is crucial to the efficient use of land, space, and resources. The design of each floor’s layout is also the key to the usability of the space. Comfort, lighting, sustainability, plumbing, traffic flow, and adequate storage are just a few of the considerations required. Every detail must be recorded and plotted. We make the process smooth and successful.



Buildings are made up of complex shapes and angles. An elevation is a technical drawing that shows one façade, or view of one side of a building so that these complicated and interesting contours can be envisioned before construction begins. An elevation is viewed in relation to its direction on the compass, so if you are facing north as you look at the building, you are seeing the southern elevation. A northern elevation is the north-facing wall of the structure. GTZ’s drafters work out the details and produce top-notch renderings for you. You see your building from every angle.


Perspective Renderings

The perspective renderings that GTZ drafting professionals create are done with computerized 3D projection, enabling a virtual “walk-through” of your interior space. In a perspective drawing, all the horizontal lines appear to converge to one, two, or three points on the horizon, two-point perspective being the most common. Perspective gives a feeling of depth to the image. The value of a perspective rendering is that you can more easily imagine being in the building’s space, and feel as though you are inside the walls yourself. 3D computer renderings show the exact layout and relationships between all the elements in a floor plan, highlighting areas that don’t necessarily show up on traditional paper drawings



GTZ’s computer-based renderings make impressive presentations for city planners and other important venues. The flexibility of a computer presentation, with its ability to move, change size and color, provide animation and even sound, makes your structure come alive and presents all angles and elements of it in the best possible light. This kind of presentation also provides you with a thorough understanding of your project so that you have confidence in the process and the development.


First Class Quality Commitment

GTZ’s commitment to quality and a first-rate experience for our clients shows in our attention to detail. Nowhere is our attention to detail more important than this first step of idea capture and architectural design. With top-quality architectural design and a solid engineering plan, the costs can be calculated and controlled.