We will strive toward excellence by building our working principles into everything we deliver, and into how we work as a company.

Interior Design

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Top-notch Interior Designers

GTZ’s interior designers will mesmerize you on how simple and tasteful a well-designed space can become, no matter how challenging that space might seem. We can build the design in an affordable manner while maintaining top-quality service — without charging you a penny for the design ideas. GTZ makes your interior design process a beautiful experience.



A room has to “work.” It has to perform its job, whether a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, living room, garage, or any other type of space. It has to be possible to accomplish whatever needs to be done in that room and do it smoothly and efficiently, with an economy of space, resources, and cost. It’s not enough to outline a rectangle and drop some stuff into it. Careful thought and the experience of a professional designer is needed to make the room function well for its purpose.
There exists a focal point in every room which is the center of activity. GTZ’s designers help you determine this important element. Furniture must be of appropriate size, style, and functionality. Lighting is crucial, and there are many things to consider, and many choices that GTZ’s designers can walk you through.



In any room, and in each room individually, you set the mood through your choice of colors, the accessories you choose, the style of the furniture and other furnishings, and the patterns and textures you display on the walls, ceiling, and floor. There’s a lot to think about! GTZ’s designers can help you establish a theme to your mood, centered around a single inspiration piece — a photo, a scarf, a pillow, a sculpture, a table — that ties everything together and helps it all make sense. The supporting ideas for the theme will flow from that, and the colors, patterns, textures and accessories will all naturally relate to your inspiration. The mood will be set, and your room will be a design masterpiece.



Your personal influence makes a big difference in your room. Keeping with your theme, the accessories, colors, and textures you choose — plus rugs, paintings, photos, and keepsakes — can reflect your taste and personality. You can show seriousness or whimsy, sportiness or a love of the arts, urban, rural, or seaside surroundings. It’s all up to you, and GTZ’s interior designer can take you through the process of deciding just what selections would be the best choice to make your personality shine through.


What to Think

GTZ’s trained, professional interior designers think about more than just rearranging lovely things. Several guiding principles are recognized as defining a well-designed room. They include space, line, form, light, color, texture, and pattern


The End Result

GTZ’s interior designers have a lot of experience helping customers put all of this together and make just the right choices. Their guidance and input make not only your rooms really work, but your design experience a true pleasure.

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